Each year, property owners have the right to file a formal appeal. In addition, any taxing body may also file an appeal if they believe a valuation to be incorrect. In order to appeal the assessment, you must submit an "Appeal for Assessment" form by the appeal deadline each year. Please remember: Because an assessment is based on the fair market value of the property, when you file an appeal you are appealing the total value of the property, even though you may only disagree with one aspect of the valuation.

Deadline to file a Yearly Appeal is August 1st.

How to File an Appeal

How to File an Appeal

  1. 1. You may download a copy of the "Appeal from Assessment" form by clicking below. A form may be obtained by calling 724-430-1350.
    • Residential Appeals $25.00
    • Commercial Appeals $100.00
    • Make a check payable to Fayette County Assessment Office.
    • If you have any questions, please call us at 724-430-1350.
  3. 3. Fill out the form completely, including signing and dating it. If you do not sign the form, it will not be filed and an appeal hearing will not be granted. Be sure to place your parcel number (map number) on the form. Without this, the assessor does not know which property you are appealing.
  4. 4. Once your form has been received by the County you will be notified as to the time and date of your hearing. The municipality & school district where the property is located will also be notified and may attend the hearing. This "Notice of Hearing" will be sent at least twenty (20) days prior to your hearing. Formal appeal hearings will begin the first week of August and continue until October 31st.
  5. 5. Collect any documents or photos you feel are sufficient to substantiate your claim. These could include appraisals, building plans, lists of comparable sales in your neighborhood, or repair estimates.
  6. 6. Appear at your hearing in person and/or be represented by counsel. If you fail to appear, the appeal is presumed to be abandoned and no further action will be taken.

Appeal Form

You may download a copy of the "Appeal from Assessment" form by clicking below.

A form may also be obtained by calling 724-430-1350.

Location of Appeal Hearings

All assessment appeal hearings will be held at the Fayette County Assessment Office Hearing Room located on the fourth floor of the county court house, 61 East Main Street, Uniontown  PA  15401.