Each year, property owners have the right to file a formal appeal with the Board of Assessment if they disagree with the valuation assigned to their real estate. In addition, any taxing body may also file an appeal if they believe a valuation is incorrect. In order to appeal your assessment, you must submit an "Appeal from Assessment" form by the legal deadline each year. Because an assessment is based upon market value of the property, when you file an appeal you are appealing the total valuation even though you may only disagree with one aspect of the valuation.

Signing the Form

Upon completion of the form, the Board requires that the legal owner of record must sign the appeal form. The Board will NOT accept a form that is signed by an attorney, tax agent, or other family member who does not have a signed Power of Attorney. In the case of a property under Agreement of Sale, the Board requires that both the Seller and Buyer sign the form and attach a copy of the Agreement with the form. If in doubt, please call the Assessment Office for clarification prior to submitting the form.

Filing Fees

  1. Filing Fee must accompany the appeal at the time of the filing
    • • Filing Fee for Residential Properties is $ 25.00
    • • Filing Fee for Commercial / Industrial Properties is $ 100.00
    • • Filing Fee for Exemption Requests is $ 100.00
    • There is no filing fee for Catastrophic Loss Appeals
    Make checks payable to: Fayette County Department of Assessment

Types of Appeals

  • Yearly: Annual appeals are accepted at anytime prior to the legal deadline of August 1st. These appeals are normally heard by the Board in August, September or October and any change in valuation would be for the following tax year. Example: Yearly appeals heard in have their decisions in effect for . Filing fee is $ 25.00 for residential properties and $ 100.00 for commercial or industrial properties.
  • 40-Day:If during the year you receive a "Notice of Assessment" from the office notifying you of change in your valuation, as stated on that form, you have 40 days from the printed date to challenge the new valuation. You must submit an "Appeal from Assessment" form by that deadline with the Department of Assessment. Those hearings are held at various times during the year. If any adjustments are made from the hearing those changes would be in effect for the year stated on your "Notice of Assessment" form. Filing fee is $ 25.00 for residential properties and $ 100.00 for commercial or industrial properties.
  • Catastrophic Loss:Persons who have suffered catastrophic losses shall have the right to appeal before the board within the remainder of the county fiscal year in which the catastrophic loss occurred or within six (6) months of the date of the loss, whichever period is longer. Catastrophic loss means loss of value due to fire, flood, tornado, or other natural disaster which affects the physical state of the property and exceeds 50% of the market value of the real property prior to the loss. Any adjustments made in the valuation would be in the form of a credit for the next succeeding tax year. There is no filing fee for this type of appeal.
  • Exemption Requests:Certain entities that own & occupy real property may be eligible for tax exemption providing they meet certain standards set forth in the Consolidated County Assessment Law, Title 53, Chapter 88. In most cases determination by the Internal Revenue Code as a 501 © (3), as a non-profit is pre-requisite for tax exemption. The Board requires the following be submitted with the "Exemption Request" form and must be filed prior to August 1st of each calendar year.
    1. • Copy of Charter and/or Bylaws governing entity.
    2. • Copy of the IRS form 501 © (3)
    3. • Mission Statement
    4. • List of Board of Directors indicating if compensated or not
    5. • Articles of Organization
    6. • Copy of deed or title to real property being considered
    7. • Any leases to a third party for any part of the real property
    The "Exemption Request" form shall be signed by a duly appointed officer or employee of the organization seeking exemption.

How to File an Appeal

  1. 1. You may download a copy of the yearly "Appeal from Assessment" form by clicking below, or you may request a form by calling the office at 724-430-1350.
  2. 2. Fill the form out completely, including signing and dating it. If you fail to sign and/or date the form, it will be returned to you. The form is only considered filed when it contains the proper signature and date.
  3. 3. Be sure to identify the property you wish to appeal. This should be done by identifying the parcel number (map number) assigned to the property. Without that number the assessor does not know which property you are appealing. If you are appealing multiple properties a separate form must be utilized for each parcel number.
  4. 4. The proper filing fee must accompany the "Appeal from Assessment" form at the time of the filing. No appeal will be considered properly or timely filed without the proper filing fee.
  5. 5. The legal owner must sign the form. The Board will not accept a form signed by an attorney, tax agent, or other third party individual.

Appeal Process

  • Once your appeal has been received by the County you will be notified by registered mail as to the date and time of your appeal hearing. You will receive this in a minimum of twenty (20) days prior to the hearing date. The municipality and school district will also receive notice as they have the opportunity to attend the hearing. It is your responsibility to be at the correct location according to the PRINTED Notice and posted on schedule normally available on the link below.
  • Click here for Public Hearing Schedules.
  •  Assessment Hearing Office
     Fayette County Courthouse
     2 West Main Street Suite 212
     Uniontown, PA 15401
  • The appeal is heard by a three (3) member Board appointed for such by the county commissioners. The hearing will also be attended by the Chief Assessor and a staff person. Once the assessment is read into the record, the burden of proof shifts to the property owner. You will be asked to describe your property in general and identify any deficiencies or factors you feel effect the market value of your property. You should bring any documents and photographs to substantiate your claim(s). These documents could be an appraisal (although not a requirement), building plan, repairs needed, comparable sales within your area that you feel are similar in nature to your property. Average appeal hearings last 15 to 20 minutes so plan to make your presentation in that timeframe.
  • You must appear at the hearing in person and/or be represented by counsel. If you fail to appear, then the Board will find the appeal to be "Abandoned" and no further action will be taken. Once the hearing is over the Board will review all testimony and then notify you by mail, normally in five days.
  • If you disagree with the findings of the Board you may file an appeal with the Court of Common Pleas within thirty (30) days from the date on the notice. In most cases you will need an attorney for this process as well as an appraiser.

Appeal Form

You may download a copy of the "Appeal from Assessment" form by clicking below.

A form may also be obtained by calling 724-430-1350.