Overview - Step 5: Change of Assessment Notice

The final step in the revaluation process is the notification to the property owner. Each property owner will receive a "Notice of Assessment" letter in the mail stating their old and new valuation. Any property owner who may feel that this new valuation is not proper may file a formal appeal with the Fayette County Board of Assessment Appeals within thirty (30) days of the date on the initial notice. In a non-reassessment year New Construction is added at various times during the year. Property owners may appeal that new assessment within forty (40) days of their notice.

The County commissioners have appointed independent assessment boards to hear appeals filed by property owners.

If a taxpayer chooses to file an appeal, he/she will be notified by mail as to when the hearing is scheduled. All appeals will be heard by a three (3) member independent appeals board. Property owners are urged to bring information to state their case in a clear and concise manner. Comparable sales within their immediate neighborhood are the best form of comparison. Also any physical defects within the property should be documented with photographs. Board members will review the assessor's data along with testimony given and render a decision, normally within a ten day time period.

If a property owner does not agree with the board's findings, he/she may file and appeal to Fayette County Court of Common Pleas within thirty (30) days of the board's notice.

Once all appeals have been heard and decisions rendered, the Chief Assessor will then notify all of the local taxing bodies, i.e. County, Municipality, and School District of their new total valuations. This should occur by November 15th.