Overview - Step 1: Data Collection

Data collection.

Accurate property description data is an essential part of developing accurate market value appraisals. Fayette County's revaluation project is a "scratch" project, which means that trained data collectors will visit each property in the county. The data collector will ask for an inside inspection; however, homeowners do not have to allow this if it is not convenient. An inside inspection is recommended because there may be conditions apparent from the inside that cannot be seen from the outside. The data collector will ask question such as "How many bedrooms?" "What type of heat do you have?" and "Do you know when the house was built?" He or she will review such items as story height, building style, general condition and building dimensions. The data collector will then measure the outside of the house and any other buildings on the property.

Furniture and personal decorations will not be noted and will not influence the value of a house.

Knocking on door.

If an adult is not present at the home, the data collector will measure the outside of the building and leave a postcard door hanger. The property owner can then complete this form and mail it to the pre-printed address.

If the property owner does not allow an interior inspection or does not complete the postcard door hanger, the data collector will estimate the inside features based on similar properties in the neighborhood and existing county records.

Initial data collection took place during the 2001 to 2003 time period for the 2003 Tax Equalization Program.