Tax Relief Information

Tax Relief for Farmers - "Clean and Green"

Farmland and Forest Land Preservation Act: This state law allows counties to assess farm and forest acreage at a value based on the crops or trees the land can support, which is usually lower than its market value. In return, landowners must promise to keep the land (a minimum of 10 acres) in farm or forest use. If you remove the land from the program, you must pay the difference between its preferential assessed value and its market value for the seven most recent tax years, plus interest. The deadline for applying for Clean & Green is June 1st, of each year for the following year assessment. For more information, call the Fayette County Department of Assessment at 724-430-1350.

Application for Homestead & Farmstead Exclusions

Click here for Homestead Application.

The Homeowner Tax Relief Act, Act 72 of 2004, was signed into law by the Governor to allow school districts to reduce property taxes by lowering your tax bill via the "Homestead & Farmstead Exclusion" program.  Under the Act each approved "Homestead or Farmstead" property has its assessment lowered before the local millage rate is applied.  That rate is dependent on the number of applicants and the amount of money brought in that fiscal year from the gaming industry.  This figure changes each year.  For the  2023-2024 School District Fiscal Year the property tax relief for Fayette County is:

School District Number of Applicants Estimated Tax Relief
Albert Gallatin Area 6,345 $170.42
Belle Vernon Area 5,615 $225.40
Brownsville Area 3,505 $129.71
Connellsville Area 9,753 $201.22
Frazier 2,471 $150.02
Laurel Highlands Area 6,606 $202.53
Southmoreland  4,360 $285.58
Uniontown Area 5,557 $273.60

Click here for Homestead Application.

Tax Relief for Seniors

Senior Citizens Rebate and Assistance Act: Major changes have occurred recently that have expanded the eligibility requirements for seniors. The income limit has been raised to $ 45,000 a year or less for those 65 or older or 50 & older widowed. It is noted that only half of any social security benefit you receive is counted toward the upper limit. Up to $ 1,000.00 per year can be rebated back to the property owner if approved. It is noted that your taxes must be paid up to date, and a paid receipt must accompany your application. Deadline to file for the rebate is December 31st. Please contact your local tax collector, state representative or click here for more information.

Also, the state legislature is examining legislation that would expand tax relief for seniors. Contact your state representative for the latest information.

State Representatives

Representative District Phone
Patrick Stefano Harrisburg 717-787-7175
  Connellsville 724-626-1611
  Somerset 814-443-2053
Ryan Warner Connellsville 724-437-1105
  Perryopolis 724-736-2290     
  Scottdale 724-887-6140     
  Harrisburg 717-887-6140     717-787-1540
Leslie Rossi Mt Pleasant 833-431-0505
  Ligonier Twp 724-238-2155
  Latrobe 724-537-3300
  Harrisburg 717-783-9311
Charity Grim Krupa McClellandandtown 833-933-3674 Toll Free
  Harrisburg 717-783-5173